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How does AlphaTouch smell like?Updated 6 months ago

AlphaTouch captures a fragrance that is fresh, clean, and bright, with a touch of minty vibrancy. It starts with top notes of zesty lime and sweet bergamot, mingled with soothing lavender and refreshing mint. This combination creates an invigorating and energizing opening.

The heart of the fragrance unfolds into a rich bouquet of rose and jasmine, offering a floral depth. Fruity hints of pineapple add sweetness, while orchid and lily of the valley bring a subtle floral elegance.

Concluding the scent journey, AlphaTouch settles into warm base notes of sandalwood and amber woods, providing a smooth, comforting finish. This blend creates a sophisticated and memorable scent, perfect for the modern man who appreciates a fragrance that’s both refreshing and distinctive.

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